Custom Colors

Wood is a natural material, which means that it is affected over time. Among the main concerns are moisture, UV rays, fungi, mould and parasites.


A wood stain acts as a sunscreen, a protection against the sun’s rays. The darker the stain, the less likely it is that the wood will change radically and bleach after initial installation. This is why we recommend the use of a stained finish, especially for exterior applications or in cases where the wood is heavily exposed, such as near large glass surfaces or curtain walls.


In the interest of sustainability, we have developed a standard range of ILVA water-based finish colors. These finishes help to protect your investment and help it stand the test of time. All other colors are available on request.

Add some color
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Thanks to their special formulation, they enhance the natural beauty of all woods by providing protection from the elements. 

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1 coat / 2 coats

1 coat / 2 coats

White Wash
1 coat / 2 coats

1 coat / 2 coats

1 coat / 2 coats

1 coat / 2 coats

Optional: All other colors.
The colors shown above are for reference only. It is recommended that you check color accuracy with your representative.

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